Whom I am ?

chris-homeopathy-osteotherapy-horses Hello, my name is Chris Gagné. I always had a big interest for alternative and complementary medicines. I have studied and specialised in the alternative therapy for more than 20 years. I’ve helped thousands of patients in finding their health with a personalized and global approach (chiropratic, naturotherapy, homoeopathy, osteotherapy, kinesiology, massotherapy, etc…).

My patients repeatedly asked me to treat their animals which suffered from diverse problems. I was always surprised with results and with the relation that I established with the animals. These multiple experiences  brought back this passion that I hadin my youth to love and helpanimals. I decide thus to make the jump and to take training courses specialized especially in the equestrian field.

I appreciate working with animals and I feel privileged of the trust they give me.  I thank them for helping me find my child heart throught this fascinating work.


  • University education of 5 years in vertebral manipulations (doctorate of 1st cycle)
  • Diploma Equine massage therapy by Equanimity Edge Equinerehab Education
  • Member of the association of the naturothérapeutes of Quebec
  • 1000 hours of training in applied and emotional kinesiology (NET)
  • 1000 hours of homeopathy formation
  • 500 hours of massage formation
  • 200 hours of aromatherapy and flower of Bach formation

chris-homeopathy-osteotherapy-naturotherapyGlobal and multi-disciplinary approach

I combine diverse techniques to help  the horse according to its condition. There are various tools that can be used to help the horse feel less pain and have a greater amplitude of movement.    According to the horse’s temper, I use different massage movements that eitherstimulate or relax. It not only has an effect on the horse’s body but also on its psychic.

A nervous horse could demonstrate a quieter attitude, an apathetic horse could have a renewed energy and as for a stubborn one, it could be more cooperative.

For appointment

514 234-0406

Every week : Laurentides - Lanaudière - Montérégie
On demand : Quebec and Ontario