It is necessary to consider the horse as " a whole " articulated around several osseus, muscular, nervous constituents, quite connected together ". The skeleton is a structure that reacts to the mechanical stress. Any mechanical disturbance is going to provoke a functionnal problem of the body which will reflect on the system (ex: locomotive, or circulatory) or sub-system (ex: muscular, or arterial).

treatment-horses-careThe treatment  restores the body’s balance loss which was caused by, for example :

  • A fall, a sprain or any trauma
  • A horse which, too young, was excessively trained
  • A rider who rides one-sidedly
  • A tensionrelated to a former bad experience

During a treatment, I never use devices or injections. All care is done with my hands.The  horse’s body recovers its balance and by there, is brought to be cured by the relaxation of certain muscles, the liberation of a joint or the manipulation of a vertebrae.

Treatment indications

  • Wounds after fall, skid or extensive training
  • Lameless
  • Sprain
  • Back or joint pain
  • Difficulties to change step, refusalto jump on doubles and triples

Treatment protocol

  • Duration : 45-60 minutes
  • Informationon the horse
  • Observation and palpation
  • Osteopathicevaluation  of cranio-sacral mouvement
  • Massage of muscular tensions.
  • Vertebral mobilisation and streching to restore full range of motion
  • Recommendations of exercises and supplements.