Homeopathy for animals

homeopathy-horses-treatment Homeopathy allows a personalized holistic approach of the animal’s health by taking its morphology and its constitution into account. The homeopaths  considers all the animal’s somatic and psychic symptoms from conception till today. I evaluate the animal’s adaptation to stress and how it has compensated  to various changes and traumas undergone since birth. The purpose of the homeopathic treatment is to create the homeostasie, the balance of the various systems.

The horse easily reacts to outside constraints, it will respond by an excessive nervousness, stomach ulcers, pain, behavior problems and numbers of others affections due to its great sensitivity. There is direct correlation between the horse’s health, its performances and its psychic state. Thanks to well chosen homeopathic products plus a personalization of its training program, the horse may achieve optimal physical performances without any dangerous doping.