massage-massotherapy-horsesThe massotherapy is one of most ancient therapies to reduce the physical pains and restore mobility. It is a therapeutic treatment which consists in treating and relieving the pain with different hand massage technics and various ointments or therapeutic oil.

The massage treatments can be used in combination with other techniques to improve the muscle’s fonction of contraction and relaxation.Massaging  a muscle will increase its oxygenation level and help the elimination of lactic acid, thus a better recuperation.

The tensions and limitations of movement are the result of stress, fatigue, bad posture, fall, repetitive movement, etc... 

Massotherapy is the application of a set of techniques which aim a greater welfare, thanks to the execution of hand movements on various tissues. This therapy acts among others on the skin, the muscles, the tendons and the ligaments . These tissues are collectively called soft tissues. They both aim the physical and psychic well-being, because they areinterconnected.