Horses's Osteotherapy

osteotherapy-horses-skull-vertebral-columnThe osteo treatment defines itself as a manual therapy, being interested in the functional disorders of the neuro-musculo-squelettal system. By various tests of mobility, both at the articular level (cranial, vertebral and peripheral) and at the visceral level, the osteo evaluates the functions of the neurological, squelettal, muscular, vascular and lymphatic systems. It bases itself on the principle that the horse, to work at its full potential, has to be in harmony structurally, physiologically, emotionally and psychically.

My global therapeutic approach has scientific bases : the anatomy, the biomechanics, the neurology, the physiology and the pathology. My treatment includes a vast choice of manual techniques always used in a mutual trust and only with the total agreement of the animal. The manual techniques are suited to the types of tissues to be corrected (osseous, muscular, visceral, tendinous, fascia) and consist of sacro-cranial  technics, massages, articular stretching’s and vertebral mobilisations.

osteotherapy-horses-skull-jawThe osteo treatment finds the cause of the disorder, it improvesthe limitations of mobility of the joints and muscles, straightens the osseous structures to restore the disrupted functions and restores a better movement coordination. The osteo treatment is not a symptomatic treatment directed to the pain. I want to reduce the swelling and the pain but my first goal is to improve the well-being of the animal.

Indeed, this primary problem can often engender a series of secondary problems and remote symptoms. They will only disappear when the cause has effectively been handled. The therapeutic intervention will be specific to the type and site of the concerned problem. The osteotherapy is thus not only interested in a symptom or in a disease, but considers the animal as  a whole.

The osteo treatment thus lingers in all the regions of the horse’s body as well as the skull, the jaw, the vertebral column, the pelvis, the sacrum, the coccyx, the internal organs, the nerves and the arteries.